Crypto Signals

Crypto signals (aka signals, trading signals, altcoin signals) are automatic messages with relevant information about the trades. A signal is sent once a trader makes a trade on an exchange.

How It Works

Crypto Signals on Coinmatics

Coinmatics signals is a simplified way of copying trades. As soon as the trade is executed on the exchange, the information on trade is sent to the subscriber via Telegram. Then a signals subscriber can decide to copy the deal on the exchange.

Signals subscriptions usually cost less than copy trading ones. Moreover, you can find and subscribe to free crypto signals Telegram bots on Coinmatics.

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Data Protection

Security of Your Funds

Telegram signals is one of the safest and easiest way of copying trades.

Your exchange account funds are untouchable – there is no need of integration to receive signals. Moreover, there are strict security regulations on Coinmatics: every trader on Coinmatics is obliged to pass identity verification, each strategy must pass a multistep moderation process, our moderators constantly monitor the trading activity so ensure additional safety. Futhermore, we display a geniune history of strategy signals and characterize them with a risk level so that you can assess strategies reliability on your own.

So, if you are not a fan of groups about paid crypto signals from traders with inflated statistics, roulettes such as crypto pump signals and other risky trading types, then Coinmatics crypto signals is what you need.

Easy to start

As Simple as ABC

Start receiving Telegram signals in 3 simple steps


Connect your Telegram account to Coinmatics


Choose a strategy and subscribe to it


Receive Telegram signals and copy the trades


Signals vs Copy Trading

It’s easier to start copying trades by using Telegram signals. However, copy trading is potentially more profitable because of its automatic mode.

Many users have treated signals as a starting point on Coinmatics. They used them to check the profitability of the strategy, the frequency of its trading and the overall performance of the system. Being satisfied with the results, they switched to our copy trading service.

Telegram Signals
Copy Trading

Easier to connect the service

Need to have an exchange account

Safe due to the connection method

Safe due to data encryption and API key secure connection

Requires a great deal of trading knowledge

Requires no in-depth expertise

You are responsible for the trading results

The trader is responsible for the trading results

Manual copying

Automatic copying and executing trades 24/7

No simplified statistics and tools

A great number of useful features and advanced statistics

Service Information

Frequently Asked

Who can benefit from trading signals?

Anyone! However, trading signals is a tool that is more suitable for experienced crypto investors who have trading knowledge and can make reasoned decisions whether to copy the signal or not.

For those who lack trading expertise, automatic copy trading would be a better solution.

What is the difference between crypto signals and crypto pump signals?

Crypto signals is a piece of information shared by a trader that allows you to copy their trading behaviour. Therefore, you’ll get the same (or close) trading profits.

Crypto pump signals is a totally different thing (though they sound similar). These signals are sent among the group of people who aim at making profits by artificially pumping of the value of a cryptocurrency, which is illegal. Coinmatics disapproves of such activities and is not a platform for such services.

How to copy trades received via signals?

For this, you need to execute the same trade manually on your exchange account.

Note, that it is essential to copy the trades as soon as the signal is received, which can be inconvenient for many people. In this case, you may want to use copy trading service instead, that copies and executes the trades automatically 24/7.

How much can I earn using trading crypto signals?

The main factor that influences your potential profits is the profitability of the strategy you follow and the speed of copying trades.

It is essential to copy the trades as soon as the signal is received, so that your profits are similar to the trader’s. This can be inconvenient, for many people. In this case, you may find copy trading service a more suitable option, as it copies and executes the trades automatically 24/7.

How much will I pay for using crypto signals?

On Coinmatics, users pay only for the subsciption cost set by a trader. However, many traders provide access to signals completely free of charge! Check the Strategy list page to find them.

How can I automate the execution of trading crypto signals?

Coinmatics can help you with that – use our copy trading service to have the trades automatically executed on your exchange account. Learn more about copy trading on Coinmatics.

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