Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coinmatics?

Coinmatics is a copy trading and analytical platform where seasoned traders can earn additional money by providing their expertise to inexperienced traders while investors get the ability to copy trades from the experts and succeed on crypto market.

What was Coinmatics created for?

We initially created our platform for investors who want to earn on crypto exchanges while managing many accounts. With us, they can copy successful strategies of experienced traders. Additionally, all their exchange accounts can be managed in one place.

At the same time, our seasoned experts get an ability to earn additional money on their successful orders by attracting subscribers. When their orders get copied, they receive commission. Traders can also set a monthly fee for Telegram signals about their trading activity.

Who is trader?

Trader (sometimes called “signals provider”) is a seasoned expert on crypto trading. He wants to share his trading strategies to earn a commission from successful trades made by his subscribers.

What is trading strategy?

Trading strategy is a source of signals from a trader. If you subscribe to it, our platform will automatically copy the deals from the strategy on your exchange account.

Who is investor?

Investor is a new trader who has little to no experience in crypto trading. He wants to copy trades from experts and earn money on that. Two options are currently available: autotrading and manual copy trading (with help of signals from the experts).

Can I be both trader and investor?

Yes, it is possible.

How do I start?

If you’re an experienced trader and would like to earn additional money on your successful deals, connect your exchange account to our platform and click the link “Become a trader” in Copy Trading section. Set your telegram alerts price and commission for copy trading and just trade. Our platform will receive information about your deals via an API key and calculate your rating. This rating can be seen by all copy traders, and if they like your trading performance, they’ll subscribe. That’s how you start earning with Coinmatics.

If you would like to copy successful strategies from seasoned experts, then link your exchange account to our platform and go the our strategies page ( Select the strategy that suits your goals the best and click the button “Start copying trader”. From that moment, you only need to watch your Coinmatics balance and analyze trader’s performance to see if you like the results he brings.

How do I suggest a new feature?

You can suggest your desired feature and vote for it (as well as any other feature from the list):

What is billing period?

It’s a period when the system evaluates your profit from copying trades. When it ends, you need to pay your commissions and renew subscriptions, if any. The billing period can be 7, 30 or 90 days depending on the strategy settings.

Who pays for Coinmatics services - traders or investors?

We keep 5% of trader’s profit. Investors don’t pay us anything.

Can I change the base currency on my Coinmatics account?

You select your base currency when you submit your first strategy. You cannot change this currency afterwards.

How often do you update traders’ stats?

We update the stats as soon as the trader opens or closes a deal.

How is trader rating calculated?

We calculate the rating based on strategy performance since the moment it was added to Coinmatics. Strategies with more stable performance get higher ratings.

How do I know that you’re not cheating me with the strategy ratings?

You can check trading history of each strategy and therefore make your judgement about the rating. We keep the history open so anyone can make an independent evaluation.

Why do I need to deposit BTC to my Coinmatics account?

You pay for your subscriptions from your Coinmatics balance. No need to deposit a big sum, $20 is enough to start. For Telegram signals, you pay upfront for the whole 30-day period. As for the trader commission, you’ll pay it at the end of each billing period. $20 deposit is a minimum amount to deposit. We set it that way because anything less occurs to be a very little amount in BTC, and the financial system won’t process such transaction.

Do you have a mobile version?

We don’t have a mobile version at the moment, but we plan to develop it in the future.

How does your referral program work?

We’re currently developing our referral program and will launch it very soon.

Can trader and investor have a talk?

Not at the moment. We’re thinking about implementing this functionality in one of the future updates.

I cannot open website or platform in my browser

Our website and platform do not support some old browser versions. We recommend using these versions:

  • Google Chrome - version 81 or higher;
  • Firefox - 68 or higher;
  • Opera - 46 or higher;
  • Edge - 79 or higher;
  • Safari - 11 or higher;
  • Android Browser - 81 or higher;
  • Samsung Internet - 10 or higher.
  • Why do I need an API? What is it?

    API is a special code that enables different applications to exchange information. We use APIs provided by exchanges to get information about traders’ deals as well as provide our copy trading service to investors.

    Where can I get API key?

    API key is a code that allows data exchange between different applications and platforms. Binance exchange has a guide on API keys:

    We also created our own article about adding API keys:

    You need to add your exchange API key to Coinmatics to start using the platform.

    I want to add IP restriction. Which IP should I use?

    For now, you can use these IP addresses:

    However, we highly recommend not to use IP restriction with your API key. We are planning to bring up more servers, each with its own IP address. You'll have to add them all to the restriction, otherwise, your copy trading activity might get compromised.

    Our platform connects to our server to create a request via API key. And since we build more servers, the request to your exchange account might come from any of them.

    Binance is not available for me

    Binance exchange can be blocked in some countries. If you cannot register or add funds to your account, VPN will help. Use a European IP address, for example UK.

    How do I become a trader?

    You need to create a read-only API key on your exchange account and connect it to your Coinmatics account. Next, go to Copy Trading section ( and click the link “Become a trader”. You’ll get transferred to the screen “New signal provider” ( where you need to fill in the data and select your exchange account. Now your application is on moderation and will be reviewed shortly. Once you’re approved as a trader, your trading history will appear on Coinmatics via API key. We’ll be able to calculate your rating and copy your trades.

    Why do I get an error when submitting my strategy?

    If your Coinmatics balance is 0, you’ll receive an error message when submitting your trading strategy. You need to have at least 50 USDT or 0.005 BTC on your account.

    How long does the moderation take?

    Moderation process usually takes 1 day.

    Do you take into account my previous trading history on the exchange?

    This is not possible at the moment. When we calculate your trader rating, we can take into account only your history from the moment you joined Coinmatics as a trader. It’s technically not yet feasible to take into account your history.

    Can I compare my rating with other strategies without showing it to everyone?

    You need to submit your strategy and start trading with us in order to get your rating calculated. It will be visible to everyone on the platform.

    How can I edit my strategy description?

    You need to write to our support service. Leave your email and the message, and we’ll update your description. We’ll add an option to edit the description in user profile in one of the future updates.

    How do I become an investor?

    You need to connect your exchange account with a read-only API key. Binance exchange has a guide on API keys:

    We also created our own article about adding API keys:

    Next, go to Copy Trading section ( and click “Start Copying Trader” button. Don’t forget to align your portfolio with the chosen trader to increase copy trading success rate. We recommend to use our auto alignment feature.

    Do I need a trading history on the exchange to start an account on Coinmatics?

    No, you can start trading with us using a totally new exchange account.

    What is Telegram signals?

    It’s a Telegram message that notifies subscribers about new trades of a chosen strategy. When you receive this message, you decide whether to copy this particular trade or not.

    How do Telegram signals work?

    After you subscribe to the Telegram signals from chosen strategy, you’ll start receiving notifications about the trading activity in Telegram. You’ll need to add our Telegram bot in your Telegram contacts list. Based on those notifications, you’ll decide whether you want to copy each particular deal or not.

    What information is included in a Telegram signal?

    Telegram signals include the following information:
    - Strategy name
    - Currency pair
    - Buy / sell status
    - % involved in trade
    - Price
    - Exchange

    What is auto trading?

    It’s an automatic copy trading mode. When you subscribe to copy trade a certain strategy, all deals will be copied on your exchange account by the system. This mode can incur payments to the trader who owns the strategy. You can check the commission on the strategy card, and you also see it when you subscribe.

    Which exchanges can be connected to Coinmatics?

    Currently only Binance is available for copy trading. We plan to add Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Exmo in the nearest future. These exchanges are already included in our other services.

    Can I connect Binance Futures or Margin?

    This functionality is in development and will be available in the nearest future.

    We all have different amount of coins on our exchange accounts. If I open an order for 10 BTC on my account, what will happen to the subscriber’s account?

    We calculate the copy deals in percentage amounts. If your 10 BTC is 50% of your deposit, we’ll take 50% of subscriber’s deposit for the copy deal.

    What is arbitrage?

    It’s a service which provides information about currency exchange rates on different exchanges. You compare the rates and earn money on the difference between them. Coinmatics arbitrage panel collects those numbers on one page so you have all necessary info right in front of you.

    We don`t charge for arbitrage. Note that any other commissions (like transferring funds from one exchange to another) are also not being taken into account so you have to calculate them.

    What is tickers?

    Tickers are crypto currency rates to dollar or bitcoin. We designed a convenient table with all tickers where you can watch the changes and make decisions on your own trades (the price can have a lag up to 1 hour):

    At the top of the table you can select currency and exchange. This tool is useful for experienced traders.

    How do ticker alerts work?

    Follow this instruction:

    When you find our Telegram bot and get your unique ID from him, you will be able to create your own personal alerts about exchange rate changes. During the setup you can choose currency pair, exchange, special conditions, price and notifications scheme.

    Can I trade via Coinmatics without going to the exchange directly?

    At the moment, you cannot control your exchange account via our platform. We’re currently working on implementing a trading terminal to add such functionality in the future.

    How do traders earn money with Coinmatics?

    Seasoned traders can earn money two ways:
    - Fixed price for Telegram signals. Our system will send notifications about trader’s activity to all subscribers via Telegram. The payment is taken each 30 days. This fee can be 0.
    - Commission. Traders earn 10-30% of their subscribers’ profit. The payment is taken based on the billing period (can be 7, 30 or 90 days). If the profit is 0, subscribers don’t pay anything. This commission can be 0.

    How do traders pay commission to the platform? How is it calculated?

    We take trader’s profit for the billing period and apply our 5% commission to it. This profit is composed of all incoming payments that subscribers are due. The billing period is set in the trading strategy and can be 7, 30 or 90 days. Trader profit (the one for closing successful deals) does not take part in this calculation.

    What is Telegram monthly price?

    It’s a monthly fee for getting notifications about strategy deals via Telegram. Can be 0 depending on the strategy settings.

    Can my subscriber never pay his fees? Do you reserve payment amounts on his account to secure my income?

    Currently, we don`t reserve anything, but such functionality is planned for one of the future updates. Investors cannot continue copying your trades until they pay for the previous billing period.

    How do traders get paid and withdraw?

    Subscribers transfer money to the trader each billing period. The payment is transferred directly to Coinmatics account in BTC (our platform commission will already be deducted). Then the trader needs to click the “Withdrawals” link at the top right corner the page (, specify the amount, choose the wallet and press “Withdraw’.

    How is trader profitability calculated?

    You select your default coin when registering as a trader. Further on, your profitability will be calculated in that currency (with 100% being your starting amount on the exchange).If you selected BTC as your default currency and trade, let’s say, XRP/ETH, then all your trading results will be recalculated in BTC with the exchange rate of those currencies to BTC. So the system calculates everything in BTC and then compares your account starting value to the current value.

    Is it expensive to do copy trading?

    The cost of copy trading depends on the strategy. Some traders allow to copy their strategies for free, some take a fee.

    How do I enable auto trading?

    Just open Copy Trading page ( and click the button “Start Copying Trader” on the selected strategy card.

    How do I cancel a subscription?

    You can unsubscribe any time.

    Go to Copy Trading page (, switch to “My Subscriptions” tab and find the strategy you want to unsub from.

    How do investors pay for subscriptions?

    Telegram signals are paid during the initial subscription action. The fee is taken on monthly basis here. When the next billing period comes, you need to make the payment again, otherwise, the subscription will be cancelled. You need to have money on your Coinmatics account for the payment.

    Your auto trading commission is calculated for each strategy separately. Strategies can have different billing periods (7, 30 or 90 days). When the billing period ends, the system calculates whether the strategy brought any profit to you. If yes, a commission will be applied to your profit and billed to your account. You’ll need to pay in with the money from your Coinmatics account. If the strategy did not bring any profit, you don’t pay anything. This means that the profitability of separate orders does not matter. Only profitability over time matters here.

    Why charge for Telegram signals? I thought traders earn on commission.

    Traders do earn on commissions. However, some subscribers are not ready for autotrading, they want more control over their deals. So they choose to receive Telegram signals and make their own decisions. In this case, we cannot charge any commission so we implemented a fee for Telegram signals.

    Can I subscribe to several strategies simultaneously?

    It’s possible technically, but we recommend using a separate exchange account for each strategy. You can connect several exchange accounts to your Coinmatics account. That way you’ll be able to adjust your portfolio for each single strategy which is important for successful copy trading.

    Can a trader forbid to copy his deals?

    It is possible if the trader unbinds his exchange account from Coinmatics. We’ll notify subscribers via email if that happens.

    Does auto trading work for both opening and closing deals?

    Auto trading works for both opening and closing deals.

    How quickly does the deal copying happen?

    It happens as soon as possible. The delay does not exceed 0.1 second.

    What risks do I take when enabling auto trading?

    Investment operations are always a risk, especially when we talk about volatile currencies. We try to mitigate the risk by moderating the strategies.

    How do I choose the strategy?

    Check the signals history, chart, average profit. Aggressive strategies show higher peaks and stronger drops because they aim for higher return. Stable strategies have a smooth chart.

    What is average vs total profit?

    Total profit is the difference between starting and current balance. This value does not include any external balance changes, like withdrawals or replenishments. So you can be sure that the strategy is successful if profit is above 0%. You can find total profit on the chart - it is the rightmost point. We update this number every hour.

    Average profit is an average of all chart points. This is strategy profitability rate in the long run.

    What is automatic alignment?

    Automatic alignment is a feature of our platform which allows investor to mimic trader’s account balance structure. We recommend aligning portfolio to match the chosen strategy as it will increase copy trading success rate (the percentage of successfully copied deals with the highest number being 100%). If investor portfolio is different from the chosen strategy portfolio, some deals may be skipped because the system is unable to copy them. For example, deals in coins which aren’t present on investor account cannot be copied.

    I have only BTC on my exchange account. If the trader makes deals in a different coin, I won’t be able to copy him, right?

    When subscribing to the strategy, you should align your portfolio to match his. You can let the system do it automatically or do it manually by looking at the Asset allocation on the strategy card.

    Can the system align my portfolio to match the trader’s portfolio?

    Yes, this feature is called Automatic alignment. You can use it when subscribing to the strategy. However, kindly note that your exchange account should have a sufficient amount of funds for this operation. We recommend having at least $200.

    Can I manually align my portfolio?

    You can align your portfolio manually by looking at the Asset Allocation and doing the same coin distribution.

    How much should I deposit to my exchange account? Will $10 be enough to start copy trading?

    We recommend at least $200. Better to have $500 and higher to increase your copy trading success rate. It’s important because of the exchange rules. If the trader places 50% of his deposit to one deal, it means that 50% of your deposit should go to the copy trading operation. 50% of $10 is only $5 which is below minimum amount. Each exchange has a minimum amount to make a deal.

    If the strategy did not bring any profit to me, do I still pay the commission?

    You don’t pay in this case. We take your profit for the billing period and calculate the commission based on that. If you encountered negative results during this period, you don’t pay.

    What profitability rate can I achieve with copy trading?

    There is no certain answer here. It depends on the strategy you copy and its performance.
    You can find a full list of strategies here:
    Average profit can serve as a benchmark.

    I subscribed to a strategy. How do I see if it brings be any profit?

    Our advanced analytics is in development right now, so you can evaluate your earnings by checking your exchange account balance.

    You can also go to the Copy Trading tab and switch to My Subscriptions. Click the “Billing Periods” button and see if there is a fee for copying the strategy. The fee amount can tell you how much money was earned with this strategy (but it works for paid strategies only).

    I subscribed to a paid strategy and unsubscribed from it without copying a single deal. Yet the system billed me. Why?

    If during the subscription period your exchange account balance increased, the system will consider it a profit from copy trading and therefore calculate the fee. We highly recommend not to perform any additional trades on your linked exchange account in order not to decrease copy trading efficency. If this is unacceptable for you, please create a sub-account or a new exchange account dedicated to your copy trading activity and connect it to the platform.

    Can I trust you with my API key? Is that secure?

    There are 3 levels of access via an API key:
    - read only
    - deal making
    - withdrawal

    We only need 2nd level to do our copy trading operations. We don’t need to do any withdrawals and therefore don’t require such permission. We need 2nd level of access to be able to read information about trader deals and copy them on investor account. This ensures that your balance remains under your total control.

    Can I trust your platform?

    We’re actively working to remain trustworthy. To learn more about us and how we do business, you can study our website, check our Medium profile (, read our Telegram and Instagram feed.

    Do you have two-factor authentication?

    Yes, it works for login action at the moment. We plan to add it for other actions, too (for example, withdrawals). To enable TFA, go to your account settings and check Security tab:

    Can I limit the amount of deposit available for copy trading?

    At the moment, this functionality is unavailable. We’re working on implementing it though. For now, you can use separate exchange accounts for this purpose (you can link several accounts to Coinmatics).

    Can I blacklist certain coins so that the system does not copy deals involving them?

    Such functionality is not yet available, but we plan to implement it in one of the future updates.

    Can copy trading be considered an insider trading?

    Copy trading cannot be an insider trading because our expert traders do not possess any insider info about future exchange rates or deals. They just do their usual trading activity and take all risks like any investor. When you copy their deals, you also don’t have any info about future exchange rates, and you also take all investment risks.

    Some traders don’t use stop loss. Therefore, they can bring a huge loss to their subscribers. Is there a mechanism to avoid that?

    At the moment, there is no such mechanism. We’re working on developing it. For now, you should check trading history and average profitability to see how the strategy performs.

    How do I protect my account from deposit drain?

    Check signals history and profitability to assess the possibility of high risks. We moderate our strategies and make sure their performance stays within profitable levels.

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