Copy Trading

Replicate the performance of crypto traders via our copy trading service. Profitable trader strategies will be automatically executed on your exchange account.

How It Works

Copy Trading on Coinmatics

Copy trading is a service that allows users (investors) to have the trader’s orders copied and automatically executed on their exchange account. On Coinmatics this process is handled through strategies.

A strategy is an entity that contains information about the trader’s orders: trading pairs, history, profitability, risk level, trading frequency of particular coins, etc. Traders create strategies and Coinmatics investors subscribe to them.

To start copy trading, you need to create an account on the exchange, connect your exchange account API key to Coinmatics, choose a strategy created by a trader and subscribe to it. Therefore, you’ll get similar trading profit as the trader you follow.

Most Profitable Strategies

Top strategies from successful traders on Coinmatics

Data Protection

Security of Your Funds

Your exchange account funds are always untouchable. Technically, there is no way we (or any other Coinmatics user) could have access to your exchange account funds. We never ask to enable funds withdrawal. Moreover, if you accidentally have this API key setting enabled – we simply will not link your exchange account to Coinmatics.

There are strict security regulations on Coinmatics: every trader is obliged to pass identity verification, each strategy must pass a multistep moderation process, our moderators constantly monitor the trading activity so ensure additional safety. We safely store user data and encrypt the API keys connected to the platform.

Futhermore, we display a geniune history of strategy signals and characterize strategies with multiple parameters, such as risk level, profit for the period, drawdowns and others so that you can assess strategies reliability on your own.


Supported Exchanges


Spot, USDⓈ-M,


Spot, Futures


USDT Perpetual,
Inverse Perpetual

Easy to Start

As Simple as ABC

It’s never been easier to trade like a professional trader – start earning in just 3 steps!


Connect your exchange account


Choose a strategy and subscribe


Track your status and get profits

Solutions for Investors

Copy Trading Tools

Portfolio Tracker

See current information about all your funds on all exchange accounts and subaccounts connected to Coinmatics.

Copy Trading Subscriptions

Monitor your copy trading profits and trading status. Set up copy trading options and manage the process to your liking.

Multi Subscriptions

Use several exchange accounts or subaccounts to copy a strategy more than once thus multiplying your profits.

Portfolio Auto Alignment

Increase your copy trading success rate by aligning your portfolio coin distribution structure with the strategy’s one.

Risk Management Features

Black list undesirable coins to avoid copying the associated orders and use a stop loss feature to mitigate the risks.

Strategy Free Trial

Several strategies provide an opportunity to try them out for free during 30 days. Subscribe to a strategy, get the first results and decide whether you’d like to continue.

Smart Price

Subscribe to strategies at a fair price depending on your exchange balance.

Coinmatics Plans

Additional Features

We have a special offer for those who treat copy trading seriously. Do you want to copy Futures strategies? Or may be you’d like to have your portfolio automatically aligned so that it matches the trader's one? Or you want to avoid copying trades on particular coins? Switch to Coinmatics Premium plan to get access to additional features!

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to get all premium functionality completely for free! Just create an exchange account using our referral link. Learn more

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Service Information

Frequently Asked

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is based on following profitable traders. Professional traders earn additional money by providing their expertise to inexperienced audience, while the latter can easily succeed on the crypto market by copying trades from the experts.

How does copy trading work?

The concept of crypto copy trading is really simple: the exact same deals made by the trader you follow are placed and executed on your exchange account in real-time and automatically. To start copy trading you only need to link your exchange account via an API key to Coinmatics.

What is the minimum funds required to start copy trading?

The sum you pay for the service depends on subscription fee of the chosen strategy, your Coinmatics plan and the a minimum amount on an exchange account required to subscribe to the strategy.

You can copy trade on Free plan and choose a free of charge strategy.

Each strategy indicates a minimum amount on your exchange account required to subscribe. You’ll find this information on the strategy overview page. Therefore, this sum can be the only requirement in terms of funds necessary to start copy trading.

Can I use only a part of my exchange account funds for copy trading?

You can’t do this directly. However, you can create a subaccount or an account on another exchange to split your funds the way you want.

Is the order on the investor account executed proportionally to the trader's order?

Yes, it is. For example, if a trader places an order for 25% of his portfolio, then on the investor's account the order will be replicated proportionally, i.e. for 25% of their connected account.

How much will I pay for copy trading?

You have to pay only for the strategy subscription fee set by the trader. And there are plenty of free of charge strategies!

Also, you may want to use additional features to increase your copying success. In this case, you can switch to one of Coinmatics paid plans. Learn more about Lite and Premium plans

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