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A crypto bot (aka bot, trading robot, automatic trading etc) is a special program that places orders on the exchange on behalf of the user. Bots are build on algorithms that analyze various indicators and recognize optimal market entry points.

How It Works

Crypto Bots on Coinmatics

On Coinmatics crypto bot trades are used by traders as a part of their strategies. You can learn which bot is used from the strategy name or strategy description.

Even the best crypto bots are just a set of algorithms, which means that in the hands of a newcomer they are likely to bring losses instead of profits. You can avoid this as well as all the related work – bot set up and fine tuning, market monitoring, risk management – by delegating all this to a verified experienced trader. Just choose a trader strategy based on a crypto bot and start copying it!

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Data Protection

Security of Your Funds

Your exchange account funds are always untouchable. Technically, there is no way we (or any other Coinmatics user) could have access to your exchange account funds. We never ask to enable funds withdrawal. Moreover, if you accidentally have this API key setting enabled – we simply will not link your exchange account to Coinmatics.

There are strict security regulations on Coinmatics: every trader is obliged to pass identity verification, each strategy must pass a multistep moderation process, our moderators constantly monitor the trading activity so ensure additional safety. We safely store user data and encrypt the API keys connected to the platform.

Futhermore, we display a geniune history of strategy signals and characterize strategies with multiple parameters, such as risk level, profit for the period, drawdowns and others so that you can assess strategies reliability on your own.

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Frequently Asked

Are there crypto trading bots on Coinmatics?

On Coinmatics crypto bots are used by traders as a part of their strategies. We don’t offer option to build bots; traders can only add a 3rd party bots to the platform.

How to find a crypto bot strategy?

You’ll find bot strategies on the Strategy List page. Currenlty, they are distinguisehed only by a strategy name or strategy description.

Which trading robots do Coinmatics traders use?

Coinmatics traders choose bots to their liking, there is no strict rules to that. You’ll learn more in a particular case from the strategy description.

Can I use a crypto trading bot as a trader?

Yes, you can. There are no strict criteria according to the bots that can be added, so you can use any bot you want. Also, there are no limitations on the number of bots that can be added.

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