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Coinmatics is an instrument for trading based on copying deals of successful traders. It provides an opportunity for beginners to start trading without any specific knowledge and experience. At the same time, traders can increase their income with us. Share your trading strategy and start earning on subscribers.

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Why Coinmatics

Benefits for Traders

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Profile Promotion
Your track record promotion to attract more subscribers
Technological Advantage
Lightning-fast copying speed and impessive success rate
Stable Payments
No delays in crypto payments
Access to exchange account via API without withdrawal option
Regular reports on profits and payments
Zero Reputational Risk
No tokensale or ICO

For successful traders

Have a Great Trading History?

Link your exchange account and we'll show your trading history. This statistics will remain private until you open it to everyone.

Your success in crypto trading is an investment opportunity for our platfrom users.

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No risk increase or bigger deposit. 3 simple steps

Link your exchange account
We'll start showing your trading history as soon as you connect to the platform
Set commission and Telegram fee
You decide the percentage of your subscribers' profit that you take as a fee
Keep trading
Your profit will increase with with each new subscriber

Trader Solutions

Our Free Market Research Tools

For those who made trading their profession

Ticker Alerts

Set up ticker alerts with custom parameters to receive immediate notifications when it will be triggered. All notifications will be sent to your Telegram account.

Crypto Arbitrage

Get information for arbitrage trading from various exchanges to find the deals with the highest spread. Both manual mode and Telegram signals about the most profitable deals are available.


Track your transaction history and enable daily reports on the state of your portfolio from multiple exchanges and wallets.


Look at the market from different angles using our analytical dashboards: Twitter Analytics Chart, Margin Positions Amount, Margin Positions Quantity, Fear and Greed Index, BTC Social Volume, and more.



Available Exchanges

For now, we support Binance accounts. In open beta we obsessively focused on performance of our core functionality without aiming for a wide range of integration.

Get notified when new exchange integrations become available.

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Information about Platform

Frequently Asked

What does your platform do?

We connect traders and investors to automatically replicate trading strategies. If you are a trader - you can use our terminal for management of investors funds through a user-friendly interface that provides opportunities for automated trading, as well as convenient statistics and billing.

Is it safe to connect my account to your platform?

When you connect your money remains on your trading wallet, we do not get access to your funds, withdrawal of funds is technically impossible - you provide access via API-keys of the second level. We will only have the right to view transactions.

How do I know how well I trade? Is it possible to find out before publication in the rating?

After adding an exchange account, you track record will be generated. After that it is up to you to decide whether to add it to the open rating or leave your portfolio available for personal use only.

I am an experienced trader. Will my trading history be taken into account on the exchange?

Yes, after connecting to our system we will check and add your current track record, you will not have to create your rating from scratch.

I decided to add to your rating. What's next?

After completing the application and moderation, you will get the total rating of traders. Keep trading and we will take care of everything else. If you already have your own audience, write us, we will provide special conditions.

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